Re: If it's not AI, Nano, or Uploading Extropians Ignore it.

Chris Hind (
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 00:25:04 -0700

> I agree. We should think things out before we do them. Refine
>potential before it is made kinetic. For example, to use a story we all
>know, look at "Frankenstein". That is really a transhuman novel. If only
>Dr. Frankenstein had thought things out a bit better before he 'created a
>monster', then he might have discovered a way to create a rationally
>functioning, intelligent human being. Not to confuse fiction with fact, but
>mental progress is as important --if not more so-- as kinetic progress.

I am not of your particular mindset I suppose. I would rather come across
stumbling blocks along the way and actually make progress than discuss it
till it dilutes the original point. In the movie Jurassic Park I sided with
Hammond, owner of the park in that I believe in acceptable losses or
inevitable screwups along the way as opposed to Iam Malcom, the chaotician's
(sp?) mindset where "The scientists were so busy wondering if they could,
that they forgot to think if they should." We can refine forever and nothing
will ever occur, or at least we'll get free rides from the people who
actually make it happen but then we're about as worthless as entropians
fighting progress. There is NOT ENOUGH TIME to sit here and think it all
through. ACT NOW! I think it is mutually understood that everyone on this
mailinglist wants the future ASAP! What ever happened to "go get 'em"
dynamic optimism? It appears it has become a "let's all sit on our asses and
be optimistic" optimism. We're drowning in a stagnant pool of our own ideas!
It's time for a little variety people! Time for new blood.