Re: Neural Connections

Stephen de Vries (
Wed, 2 Oct 1996 14:00:21 GMT2

On Tue, 1 Oct 1996, Suresh Naidu wrote:

> Can someone update me on the state of brain-computer interface research?
> have the managed to control circuits with nerve impulses yet? I remember
> reading this once, but I`m not sure. If they have, then what have they
> been doing since.

CNN's computer connection featured a game input device which fits
around your finger. The result is that you can think about moving
left or right and the game will respond in that way. It works by
measuring small fluctuations (electrical ?, movement ?) in the
muscles on the side of your finger. It was demonstrated to work only
for left and right movement as well as measuring heart rate and skin

>From a device which interprets thoughts about moving left
- right, to a functional "thought mouse" is not too great a leap.

You could be just the person to do it.

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