Re: Twirlip of Greymist's One Penny Fee
Wed, 2 Oct 1996 13:08:14 -0400

Twirlip ( Damien),
>>>The old fee was between $8 and $14. Sometimes I think charging one cent
might be beneficial, just for the filter of physically mailing something.

I agree.. it could be interpreted as a measure of commitment
I would not mind paying $14 or more, if it was helpful in making this a
stronger list. I was just about to when the list opened up. If someone
starts another closed list maybe they'll charge a fee -but the juried peer
review is also a good measure.

{ BTW re: splinter groups just yet, because so far Extropy has few
members....I think, for me, personally refraining from posting huge gobs of
long posts and internally monitoring by S.O.( spontaneous order or self
ownership ; ) is a better way to address the current "challenge" to quality.
Look, Eugene had to *ask* if he contributed to the noise by posting
forwarded references... if so, no one has said anything..
I use those references often, especially the URLs. I *still* suggest those of
you who have clear Extropian values and quality judgement, address "junk"
as it happens., politely and swiftly instead of making scatter shot
comments, after. )