Re: Mailing List Quality (Was: Certainty, Experiments & Facts)

Ira Brodsky (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 15:17:45 -0600

Robin Hanson wrote:

>Other than a good choice of initial list members, I don't see any easy
>answers. Everyone has a legitimate claim to representing some
>minority view or another. I'd pin my hopes on the fact that a sister
>open list exists which a large fraction of the closed list people read.
>I'm open to suggestions though.

It's hard to imagine anyone wanting to be on a second-class version of this

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said "I'm sorry I wrote such a long
letter. Had I had more time, I would have written a shorter one." Rather
than restricting message length, however, I think this list could benefit
from a limit on the number of messages any individual can post on any given
day. Would three be sufficient? (Sorry, only one subject per message.)

I would at least try that before resorting to forced segregation.

Ira Brodsky
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