Re: Serial consciousness

Michael Butler (
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 11:55:59 PST

I think it may well be that a hybrid of the two has merit: "hunches" you
can count on as the serial interface, with the ability to back-trace
the "why"/"how" if you really want to. The best of both worlds, and
rather akin to having interrogatable agents (I think of them as

I think we should try to find ways of communicating that are flexible
enough to allow many different modes. I'm thinking of some kind of
standardized mind-map with serial nodes linked by parallel/divergent
arcs, which could automatically turn into hypertext, plaintext or other

I have mixed feelings about this idea Judging from the number of
people who rush to turn HTML into a page-description language rather
than going for deep-structure (such as typed links), I get the weird
impression that if you built it, they would come--but they'd do a lot
of "wrong" stuff with it. :\ :)

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