Dan Clemmensen (
Sat, 28 Sep 1996 11:32:06 -0400

Chris Hind wrote:
> As we proceed closer to the millenium things are going to get stranger and
> more bizarre due to religions predicting the end of the world which will
> also stir up topics such as UFOs and psychic phenomenon which we are even
> beginning to see leech into the extropian and transhuman newsgroups. It will
> all pass and rationality will triumph but we must just wait for this time to
> pass and attempt to become involved in this whole phylum of memes revolving
> around the 2000 mark.
> To name a few:
> Telekinesis
> Telepathy
> Spontaneous Combustion
> UFO sightings & abductions
> Huge Gov't Conspiracies
> What am I forgetting?
> Also, it will be interesting to see the first two on the list become a
> reality through technological innovations with nanotechnology and
> brain-computer interfaces.

You missed my favorite one: the Singularity. If your wish about nanotech
brain-computer interfaces comes true, it will precipitate the
the Singularity would make a really spectacular millenial event.
My predictions for the time of the singularity hasn't changed: within
the decade starting 1 May 1996. 1 Jan 2001 is about half way into this