Chris Hind (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 23:19:46 -0700

As we proceed closer to the millenium things are going to get stranger and
more bizarre due to religions predicting the end of the world which will
also stir up topics such as UFOs and psychic phenomenon which we are even
beginning to see leech into the extropian and transhuman newsgroups. It will
all pass and rationality will triumph but we must just wait for this time to
pass and attempt to become involved in this whole phylum of memes revolving
around the 2000 mark.

To name a few:
Spontaneous Combustion
UFO sightings & abductions
Huge Gov't Conspiracies

What am I forgetting?
Also, it will be interesting to see the first two on the list become a
reality through technological innovations with nanotechnology and
brain-computer interfaces.