Re: Superset <=> subset

Ian Goddard (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 19:17:58 -0400

At 03:19 PM 9/27/96 -0400, wrote:
>Ian, I am sorry but I cant make sense of it : )
>I am artist, I am image prone

IAN: Consider how a slight alteration to an "isolated" region
of a canvas alters the character of the whole painting. A whole
paining my be thrown off balance by the slightest alteration in
just one region of the painting. You've probably observed this.
Good design requires that all parts are connect harmoniously.

This is a measure of how the identity -- the color, intensity,
shape, location, ... -- of each part alters the identity of the
whole. This is because identity is a holistic phenomenon, it
exists only in the whole, and all identity is shared. Just as
a change to one portion of the whole alters the whole, it also
changes the individual identity of each portion. As we make
one object in our painting larger, all others become small
relative to that object. All identity is relative in this
fashion. There is no "private" identity. Every part
defines all other parts. It therefore follows that
all parts are one. Like everything's one. |^)
Like wow; like hippie groovy logic 101.