RE: Are Conspiracies Stronger Than Truth?

Ira Brodsky (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 08:54:36 -0600

James Daugherty wrote:

>If you understand how centralized authority is within the FBI you would
>understand how tricking the entire population is fully within the
>capability of the FBI, given the population's pathetic faith in
>authorities! When the first talk of a missle began to circulate right
>after the crash a high official in the FBI, I cannot recall his name now,
>announced that anyone within the Federal Government who thinks a missle
>was involved needs his head examined. This was said with no reference to
>evidence of any kind....just "We're the authorities, believe us! Stop the
>missle talk!"

An even more preposterous claim: government employees are so competent they
can out wit the rest of us. <g>

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