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Anders Sandberg (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 11:56:56 +0200 (MET DST)

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Crosby_M wrote:

> 10/20/94. Reading ch.10 of "Physics of Immortality" wherein Tipler
> describes "What Happens After the Resurrection: Heaven, Hell &
> Purgatory" noting that "all possible combinations of resurrected dead
> can be placed in the same simulation and allowed to interact". I argue
> that such resurrections would be chimeras, not representing actual
> historical persons, because the Omega Point could not possibly know,
> which of many possible simulations actually happened.

But what does the chimeras think about their lives? Suppose you awaken in
a paradise of your liking, with a benevolent Omega-point "angel" telling
you that you have been resurrected by the Omega Universal Immortalism
Institute (OUII) - but that you may or may not be a new being that never
existed in this universe, or a perfect emulation of your old self. There
is no way anyone (not even Omega) can tell which. Would you think you are
a chimera, the Real Thing (tm) or vaciliate?

Of course, Tipler is an adherent to the Many Worlds Interpretation, and
would say there are no chimeras, just people being resurected in
different worldlines from their original worldlines.

> In fact, as he
> suggests, "the Omega Point would be able to advise us on possible
> imperfections"; so, the result would not be anything representing a
> resurrection of historical personalities. In fact, as he proves using
> game theory and Becker's notions of utility functions, such resurrected
> beings would be more altruistic than (and thus not identical to) us
> mortal beings in a world of finite resources.

No, that would be the (hoped for) result after resurrection - if Omega
would rewise the resurrected beings before they were emulated, it could
as well make them up.

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