Re: Brain Hackers

Stephen de Vries (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 12:07:44 GMT2

On Tue, 24 Sep Chris Hind wrote:

> Cyberpunks hack numbers so why not call people who experiment with
> mind-altering substances of various sorts and people who implant replacement
> digital components in the brain Brain Hackers?

Hackers are explorers. Computer hackers try see and access "new"
data, usually this data has been restricted. This is a lovely
analogy for the brain - the brain hackers mission: To go where no one
has gone before. One problem with brain hacking is that the
protocols are obscure and there are no useful maps of the system
to be hacked. What is needed is a Hackers Guide to the Human Mind.
This could use dream interpretation and symbols to give the would be
hacker a map to work with while in an "altered state of

The only "guided tour" through the human mind I've found is Tim
Leary's "Tibetan book of the dead" which is a session to be talked
through while on LSD.
Do you know of any other attemps like this ?

Stephen de Vries
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