Dismantle and Recreate was RE: misquote

Chris Hind (bholat@earthlink.net)
Mon, 09 Sep 1996 04:28:44 -0700

>This gives me the opportunity to pose a question about such motivations.
>I, for one, am not convinces that a future AI civilization (or overlordship
>of a single such entity) will be inexorably driven to dismantle and convert
>all available resources in the system--including Earth. Such a process is
>could just as likely be a distraction from it's purpose as in support of it.
>But usually, the motivation of <consume and grow/reproduce> is a
>function of the lower mind (or no mind at all), basic but controllable,
>especially for higher intellectual pursuits or complex cultural gratification.
What if we were to assimilate all the resources of planet earth and make a
molecular map of the Earth inside a virtual world so that you could let the
ecology run free without all the people but the real material Earth would
have long since been dismantled and converted to resources. We could do this
to every planet we came along past. Much like VGR in Star Trek: The Motion
Picture where inside it contained entire star systems recreated inside it.
This way we would lose nothing while still gaining resources.