Re: Archologies

Chris Hind (
Mon, 09 Sep 1996 04:28:31 -0700

>Why not integrate both? I seriously think the arcology of the future will
>be more lush and natural on the *inside* than on the outside. With

whats that?

> genetic engineering and some clever planning we might live in
>(say) vertical tree-cities (shades of the Evoks in Return of the jedi),
cool idea. If anyone here has ever read Myst: The Book of Atrus it meantions
a civilization where people lived in a great forest of huge trees hundreds
of feet tall. Wouldn't it be incredible to live in a city like that? Our
primordial ancestry beckons.

>> I go for the solution of more space or less people.
>> Now mile high buildings within a traditional city are another matter. That's
>> cool! (But who will put up with a five minute elevator ride several times a
>> day?)
>Not to mention the pressure differentials. I really get annoyed by even
>small changes in pressure.
Just take a trip on the Stratusphere (sp?) in Las Vegas. I've heard your
ears pop on the elevator's ascent.

>One ideal sturcture might be a superscraper city with buildings linked by
>quick transit lines on bridges,
Would be a cool idea to use maglev trains