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On Sep 2, 11:17am, Chris Hind wrote:

} right on the money. The "extropian companion to christianity". I should
} myself write a book on this if I have time considering I was raised in a

Please don't write the book if you can't do better than this:

} the tactic against my mother in that GOD couldn't have created the entire
} population from adam and eve because for about 2 generations after them
} there would be major genetic defects from brother-sister and cousin
} relationships leading to something nowhere near human due to the gene pool
} being so small. But my mother replied that I had to take it on faith that
} GOD prevented those birth defects. HOW BLATANTLY STUPID! So I replied, "What

If something could create the entire Earth and two humans, I think it
might be able to keep recessives from mixing until the pool was big
enough. Or even easier, and more plausible, it could create Adam and
Eve without any harmful recessives in the first place, the ones we have
being accumulated mutations. Or injected punishment for the Fall.

And hey, one proffered explanation for aging has been that it results
from genes which are good during the usual reproduction window and have
nasty side effects later. So if the Adamic humans had a better genome
this would explain both harmless incest and 900+ year lifespans[1].

Better do better than that, "CiXeL".

[1]Except Cain and Eve, who don't have death dates[2]. Of course Eve is
a woman, even if she is named. But Cain has important children and all,
but he doesn't seem to die.

[2]Perhaps that part of the Bible is an arithmetic primer. "Lamech
had a sone after n years and lived for x years after that. How old was
Lamech when he died?"

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