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> For those of you no on the transhuman mailing list, take a look at this! I
> sure hope it's a real finding and not some free energy/perpetual
> motion/evidence for UFOs bullshit.

Sounds like bullshit to me.

> >>Space-travel would bitcome routine, as all the expense and danger of
> >>rocket technology is geared towards combatting the Earth's
> >>gravitation pull. By using the devices to raise fluids against
> >>gravity, and then conventional gravity to pull them back to ear th
> >>against electricity-generating turbines, the devices could also
> >>revolutionise power generation.

Anti gravity *and* violating conservation of energy?

> >>"One of my friends came in and he was smoking his pipe," Dr
> >>Podkletnov said. "He put some smoke over the cryostat and we saw
> >>that the smoke was going to the ceiling all the time. It was amazing
> >>-- we couldn't explain it."

How about "convection". Now if it were really anti-gravity, I would
expect no convection so the smoke would *not* go to the ceiling.

The hoaxers always trip up on the details.