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Sun, 1 Sep 1996 19:08:08 -0700

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>Sarah Marr writes:
>> Slightly tangential to normal discussions, perhaps, but does anyone
know of
>> a good source of information about the structure of
>> I'm particularly interested in the properties of the electric field
>> each 'Buckyball'.

check out the Elctrochemical Society's Fullerene Group at

>Is there any reason to suspect that the electric field is at all
>interesting beyond the normal bonding distances? I haven't seen it
>discussed anywhere. What sparked your interest in this, Sarah?

To compute resonances of caged neutal atoms perhaps?

There is some work on attaching ancillary structures to C60 or C70,
which may lead to methods of attracting and trapping selected atoms
or small molecules ( e. g. heavy metals). The electric field structure
is central here.