Chris Hind (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 11:08:36 -0700

>There is only a very loose correlation between income (or net worth)
>and intellect. There's a much stronger correlation between income
>and economic system. I disagree that the "masses" need a fuehrer.

I believe that currently the masses need a fuehrer but when the general
education of the population increases, we will no longer need one.

>> >> In the eyes of the public as yet, Max is the "central extropian
>> >> authority".
>> >
>> >No, he isn't.
>> Then who is in the eyes of the mass media. Someone must be? Are do they see
>> us as a group only without a leader.
>If they don't then they _should_. People with representative opinions,
>yes, but "leaders", no.
Well Obviously but if you haven't noticed we're in dark ages currently where
mysticism and irrationality reign but we're slowly crawling out of the dog
shit that has been piling up for millenia.

>> Another thing... Who is that FM-2030 guy? I saw him in a review in Skeptic
>> and nowhere else is he mentioned. Who the hell is that guy?
>Formerly known as "F. M. Esfandiary", author of *Upwingers*,
>*Are You a Transhuman?*, and a number of other works. He's been
>around cryonics & immortalist circles since the late 60's. A
>nice guy. I have some political and economic disagreements with
>him, but I like his spirit.
I'd like to meet the guy. In the Skeptic article it rendered him a
completely bizarre person. You explain him alot better and give more insight
whereas Skeptic had him shrouded in mystery. How's the book upwingers? is it
about uploading?