Thu, 29 Aug 1996 18:23:36 -0400

In a message dated 96-08-26 16:08:04 EDT Russell wrote:

Why not write Wade Cherrington yourself and ask? Max is no
"central extropian authority". If you can convince Wade with
the authority of your own argument, I'm sure he'll post.

I think that Max will have his own ideas on this, but to me, since Max
publishes the "Extropy" magazine, and spends an awful lot of time and energy
doing PR and writing articles and interviews and organizes the EXTRO
conferences -
he looks pretty Central to me.
He looks pretty Extropian too!
Authority, well - I hate that word! Question
Authority! -- and authoratively- he (continuously and contextually)will have
to 'show and prove' - but til someone else puts that much energy and
visibility into promoting Extropy, i am content to think of him as a pretty
damn good contact and source.

It may be none of my business, and I dont know if it was your intent, but in
light of all the unfair slander and abuse Max has taken lately ( in my
opinion from people who are jealous or massively uninformed) this could be
read as yet another, not so nice, not very well veiled - jab.