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Stephen de Vries (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 12:55:09 GMT2

On Sun, 25 David Musick writes:

> I think some very advanced life forms will eventually emerge through
> technology. Life forms far more advanced than current Earth life, in terms of
> survivability and in their ability to evolve quickly and exploit energy
> resources efficiently. I don't think that current forms of life will really
> have much of a chance against these advanced forms.
> This actually isn't very disturbing to me -- I sort of think it's a good
> thing. Survival of the fittest. We're all for it when we're the fittest.
> But how long will that be?

Yes, it seems that the universal law is a digital one: exist or don`t
exist. I can definitely see ourselves creating our evolutionary
successors. But I`m not going to give up my existance without a
fight, after I`ve help create these monsters, I`ll do everything in
my power to stop them from wiping me out - but only after they have
evoloved to the level where they have the option of doing so. In
self organizing systems, each component must believe that it is the
best one, for the whole organism to remain healthy.

> I love life. Not just my life. But Life. The whole concept. Things
> mutating and adapting and competing. Weeding out the inferior. The whole
> process. I think it's great. I just think that future life may look back on
> us the way we look back on pre-cellular life. Interesting, yes. But only the
> first step. Just setting things up for the explosion. Ancestral, but still
> very primative.
> It should be interesting to see how things develop -- for as long as I can
> keep up, that is.

YES! (Still in binary mode.)

Stephen de Vries

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