Re: Individual Freedoms

Sarah Marr (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 08:55:49 +0100

Quite some time ago, Natasha More wrote:

>Has anyone recently on this list explored the concepts of individual
>freedoms from the perspective of individual freedom being unlimited?
>I am having varied ideas concerning unlimited freedom and am in the process
>of reexamining how I view my own "unlimited individual freedom". I am
>beginning to think that I was incorrect in even using the phrase and that
>instead of it spurring my own continual process of growth, it might be
>stifling it.
>How do Extropians view individual freedom and do Extropians think that
>"unlimited" is an incorrect or unnecessary or redundant word to use in the
>phrase. Would "maximum" be better?

I must say that I'm not sure about either 'unlimited' or 'maximum'. The
former seems to exclude personal choice in restricting one's own freedoms in
some desirable way, whilst the latter opens the possibility of others
restricting one's freedoms in undesirable ways.

I think 'dynamic individual freedom' sums up my approach to the subject: I
wish to define my own freedoms to suit my own worldview and have the
flexibility to manipulate and alter those freedoms as that worldview changes.


Sarah Kathryn Marr