FDA Terrorism

Ian Goddard (igoddard@erols.com)
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By Ian Williams Goddard

The Associated Press ( The Washington Times, A10, 8/23/96 )
reports that Mark Deane, an employee of the Philip Morris tobacco
company, has filed a $6 million lawsuit over threats made against
his person by Food and Drug Administration investigators.

After FDA investigators failed to arrive to a scheduled meeting
on April 12, Mr. Deane left his home on an errand. His vehicle
was then forced to stop by the car of the FDA investigators
named in his suit: Gary Dean Light and an unnamed "John Doe."

The AP article states that the "two men jumped out of the car, and
Mr. Light shoved a blue-and-white badge into Mr. Deane's face and
said he and Mr. Doe were special agents of he Justice Department
working 'under the special jurisdiction of the grand jury.'"

At that point Mr. Deane refused to speak without his attorney
present. The suit states that Mr. light then stated in a
threatening tone " We'll be seeing you."

Then on April 17 the same two agents once again forced Mr.
Deane's car to a stop. The suit states that this time they told
Mr. Deane that if he did not cooperate with the investigator's
demands he was " EXPENDABLE " and that they could "lock him
up for 72 hours without anyone knowing anything about it."

If true, no witness that the FDA brings in to a courtroom to speak
before a jury can be believed because of the possibility that their
testimony has been tainted by the threat of death. These threats
appear to have been an attempt to coerce an individual to make
legal statements he would not otherwise make.


Increasingly, terror is the tool of choice in governmental operations.
This case of FDA intimidation is like the case of the intimidation
by the FBI of Vince Foster death scene witness Patrick Knowlton just
before he was to testify before the grand jury and after he refused
to change his story as to what he saw at the Fort Marcy Park. Mr.
Knowlton and his attorney John H. Clarke have compiled a report
of witness tampering and intimidation -- an excerpt is at:


It appears that the govt has become so despotic that it is willing
to resort to physical intimidation and death threats in order to change
facts and create a false reality -- a truth by terror. The goal seems
to be producing desired outcomes in legal investigations that will
protect or expand to power of the federal government.

In fact, stemming from the FDA's long battle to gain legal control
over tobacco, President Clinton just singed an executive order --
a law by decree -- that grants the FDA sweeping new powers to
crack down on tobacco.

While these new FDA powers are supposedly an effort to keep tobacco
away from children, the new legal definition of tobacco reportedly
gives the FDA the legal right to prohibit tobacco altogether.

If intimidation and terror reign over truth and justice, tyranny
is sure to extinguish the light that is liberty, leaving the
people at the mercy of malevolent masters.

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