Re: Offending People's Minds

Fred Moulton (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 22:31:03 -0700

In a recent post, someone wrote:

> Blacks are more stupid than whites.

>I think it is laudable if you accustom people to the
>offensiveness of truth, but be prepared that you may suffer
>some personal damage.

The idea that accustoming people to the offensiveness of truth is a
laudable activity on which I will not comment here. However, I
suggest that using the statement: "Blacks are more stupid than whites."
as an example of a "truth" is at best confusing and at worst very

My suggestion is that when thinking of examples of "offensive truth"
to accustom people, examples which refer to oneself might be chosen
which demonstrate more rigor and less ambiguity.