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By Ian Williams Goddard

Ross Perot may be a billionaire several times over thanks to large
government contracts, but that will not stop him from grabbing
as much of the taxpayers money as he can get his greedy little
hands on. As The Washington Post (8/19/96, A1) reports:

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. Aug. 18 -- Billionaire Ross
Perot accepted the presidential nomination of
his new Reform Party tonight [ which evidence
suggests may have been rigged ] and surprised
his loyal followers by announcing that he will
accept federal funds and contributions from
individuals for his campaign instead of
bankrolling it himself.

Ross Perot then condemned both Dole and Clinton for receiving
contributions from political action campaigns. Perot said,
"It is wrong. These guys are bought and paid for by the
special interests." Of course tax consuming billionaire
Ross Perot expects to be paid for by YOU -- whether
you like it or not.

Responding to Dole's claim to cut taxes, Perot said, "We
tried it in the '80s and it didn't work." Right, greedy
tax feeders like Perot gobbled up rising revenues twice
as fast as they came in, hence the debt. Perot continued
blasting tax cuts saying, "There's no free candy, no free
lunch." Except, that is, for Ross Perot a la the taxpayers.

If Ross Perot stands against the corrupt Washington D.C.
establishment, why is he defending its claim to seize
your property? It doesn't take a genius to see through
this transparent tax-consuming con man.


The first and only presidential candidate to qualify for
federal campaign matching funds and yet turn down this
opportunity to plunder the taxpayers is the Libertarian
Party candidate, Harry Browne. Principle over parasitic
public plunder. Surely, among the presidential candidates
the Libertarian Harry Browne stands alone on the moral
high ground. But is moral high ground what voters,
such as yourself, want?

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Has Harry Browne come out for repudiating the phony "national debt" yet? If not,
why not? Does he really want the moral high ground?