Re: Mars Rock

Sean Morgan (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 19:24:47 -0700

Mars has had many impacts, so the odds of them being the same impact are
remote. Besides, Discover didn't report that a single impact blew off the

The impact that threw out ALH84001 was 15 million years ago. The water
features are older, as determined by the number of impacts on top of them
(3.5 billion years, according to

Chris Hind <> wrote:
>I've heard of a theory which I believe was in Discover magazine which
>explained how Mars lost a thick atmosphere which could've allowed the liquid
>water to form which carved out all the canyons on the planet. They said a
>asteroid slammed into Mars and shot debris along with a large chunk of the
>atmosphere out into space. Could this be the same impact that caused that
>rock containing the fossils to be shot into space and land on Earth? Am I
>mistaken or have people simply not put two and two together yet.
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