Re: Mars Life: a fraud ?

Chris Hind (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 06:05:57 -0700

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> IAN: In fact the rock was first identifed as being terrestrial. The
> following information, if true, renders the rock * highly suspect.*
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>I agree the rock is suspect. Notice I send a message to this mailing list
>earlier this week titled: "Possible life on Mars" ;-) (NOTE: Possible not
>probable). Interesting and provocative, but I want to see the data. I've
>been a microbiologist for over 20 years. Convince me.

It doesn't that all really matter whether it's true or not because I am
willing to bet my life that we will find fossils on Mars and this evidence
whether real or fake may help us to get funding to send probes to Mars to
uncover real fossils (if these are false).