Re: Government is a form of Spontaneous Order

Chris Hind (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 07:30:54 -0700

At 06:46 8/14/96 UT, you wrote:

>Our thoughts evolve, and "we" have no control over them. "We" ARE the
>evolving thoughts. If the thoughts are competitive enough, they'll survive;
>if not, they won't. The system will play itself out. No one is in control.
>And no one ever can be. That's just how things are. It kinda blows the
>David Musick

I agree, it does blow the mind. Sorry to post a "me too" answer but I
believe that these are the truest words I've heard in a longtime. If we hold
faith (hate this word) in spontaneous orders and evolution because they've
always had results eventually leading to what we call good aspects then I
guess you could say that it doesn't matter what occurs, the good memes will