Re: DHEA Source

Max More (
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 14:03:20 -0700 (MST)

At 11:48 AM 7/28/96 -0700, Hara Ra wrote:
>Vitamin Research Products (800-877-2447) has just added DHEA to its product
>line. There is a 20% off special thru Aug 9. They also have a book on the
>topic. There is also a special 25% off price for their melatonin.

ExI also has some melatonin for sale. It's currently $9.50 for a bottle of
60, or $16 for 2 bottles. Add $3.50 any size order.

However, to compete with VRP, I'm offering a 25% discount to readers of this
list, or 30% if you're an ExI member.

We'll also be excerpting Dr. Ray Sahelian's new book on DHEA in Extropy #17
(production of which is nearing the finishing line).

We also have Dr. Walford's Interactive Diet Planner for $95 = $3 shipping.
I'll offer that for only $85, or $80 for members for a limited time only
(I've always wanted to say that!). This program runs on Windows (3.1 or 95)

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