Re: purpose of AIs

D.den Otter (
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 17:06:56 +0100

> From: Clinton O'Dell <>

>> I say Kate is right. You don't believe something someone tells you just because they say its true. That's absurd! I for one would destroy it if it threatened my life. I work with AI to become immortal. I am my own God, I don't need to create one.<<

I say AMEN to that! Let's have a big cheer for rationality! If you (duly) don't like the idea of an "almighty" God, then, by definiton, you don't like the idea of an "almighty" AI Power. Unless your logic module is flawed, that is. If the AI says "you should die because it serves the Ultimate Good", the correct answer is "fuck you, asshole".

How do you want to use (non-sentient, I assume) AI to become immortal, btw?