Re: purpose of AIs

jeff nordahl (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 11:56:17 PST

> > As for AI - who cares whether an AI is conscious or not? I wish it were
> > possible to make inconcsious AI, they could be used as slaves with no
> > problem.
>I'm not so sure that it would be morally acceptable to enslave a zombie.
>Sure, he wouldn't Feel either way about it, but he would "feel" quite
>badly if you did so.

Can someone please explain their motive for creating an AI in the first place. What would you use it for? Would they be expendible tools that could do the dangerous, tiresome, or extremely complex tasks that we humans don't want to do or are incapable of? Is our motive just to have a Discovery Channel special dedicated to our extremely fascinating scientific breakthrough? A Nobel Prize? Frankenstein curiosity? Are you anti-social and want to have an AI who is programmed to understand your deepest secret emotions and be loyal to you like an incredibly complex and supportive pet? Do we want AIs to be our tools (slaves) or our equals (or our masters)?

I'm a new-comer to this list, and I am fascinated with the wealth of knowledge floating through the network. Thank you. I've heard many scientific explanations and technical info andn philosophical debates on qualia, but am curious to hear opinions on what the root motive for all this research is.


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