Re: UPL: Dogs and Domestication

Spike Jones (
Wed, 08 Dec 1999 19:06:13 -0800

> [Delvieron@aol] ...had a Rottweiler who started growling and baring teeth
> when we would come too close while he had a big bone.... I first
> started sitting closer and closer to the dog while he had a bone....

Hmmm, Glen, Im glad your technique worked, but dogs are pack animals, and they must be shown that *you* are the alpha, and that if you want his bone, then too bad for him. I had dobermans [dobermen?] and they had to be beta-ized occasionally. This is done most effectively by growling and baring teeth at them. They *will* back down. Really.

Especially if you have big male dogs, you cant allow them to get too high an opinion of themselves. spike