Re: UPL: Dogs and Domestication
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 23:40:20 EST

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<< One would probably want to re-define the old fascistic society system
of the canines.>>

I would agree with that.

<<Except maybe if one happens to belong to the set of (para)military humans, of course.>>

Hmmm....could be useful at that<g>.

<<The canines enjoy a strictly hierarchical society, from the alpha couple at the top down to the lowest ranked dog at the bottom. Much like a Nazi world order, in fact.>>

Except that the Nazis had to kill a lot more try to figure out their heirarchy.

<<In the artificial flocks formed with humans, humans normally become the top dog.>>

Yep, I'm the top dog, and must remain so since I'm the member of the pack most capable of fully functioning in human society.

<< When a dog feel it has higher rank
than a human it becomes dangerous and the owner will have it killed (``put to sleep'').>>

I would not put a dog to sleep simply because he or she were feeling a bit assertive, but instead would win it over.

As a teen, my family had a Rottweiler who started growling and baring teeth when we would come too close while he had a big bone. My father tried various training techniques and discipline which just seemed to make our dog more aggressive. I decided to end the behavior and did it this way: I first started sitting closer and closer to the dog while he had a bone. I let him growl until he decided to stop, then moved closer and closer. Of course, he'd start to growl again, but I held any ground I gained and eventually he would stop growling and go back to his bone. eventually I ended up touching the bone while he was chewing on it (growl)...then I would pull the bone out of his jaws while he would growl, then give it back immediately. Eventually, he learned that I wouldn't take his bone permanently from him, and he stopped growling, at first just at me and then he stopped altogether.

Now, if a dog started attacking people without just cause, then it would have to be stopped (either placed in an environment where it would harm no one or killed). Then again, I'd do the same to a human, so it's not like I'm discriminating<g>.

Glen "Alpha Male" Finney<g>