the Stevie Wonder rumor

Kathryn Aegis (
Sun, 05 Dec 1999 19:17:14

A WJLA reporter was kind enough to pull together their sources on this story. It was originally posted on the AP wire, and this is a summary:

According to Karen Infeld, spokesperson for the Baltimore Eye Institute, Stevie Wonder had met (at an undisclosed time) with physicians from Johns Hopkins to discuss the possibility of undergoing an experimental procedure that could give him sight. The procedure would have involved the insertion of a computer chip into his retina to allow him to see shapes and colors.

The medical staff Stevie Wonder met with determined that the procedure probably would not help him, because the damage to his eyes was too great. Wonder made a statement at a memorial service in Detroit last month, that he remains committed to trying a procedure, if there was even a chance it would give him the ability to see.

(I can see where this leaves some room for ambiguity--maybe he can talk his way into getting the procedure, maybe not. More to come....?)

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