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Gina Miller (nanogirl@halcyon.com)
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 16:37:56 -0800

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From: hmpong To: nanogirl@halcyon.com
Date: Saturday, December 04, 1999 5:43 AM Subject: external fixation device

>Hey Nano,
>I was wondering if you or someone in your circle of technology would be
>capable of making ten working prototypes of my invention.
>The invention is an external fixator for finger fractures. It is
>specific for a fracture of a finger involving a joint. To better
>appreciate its purpose you have to have an understanding of finger
>fractures. When treating fractures involving the fingers the doctor is
>caught between a rock and a hard place. Fractures involving the hand
>and fingers take roughly 6 weeks to heal. Unfortunately the joints in
>the hand get very stiff from lack of motion. If a fracture is very
>severe it may involve the joint as well. The current treatment consists
>of putting pins across the fracture to hold the bone fragments
>together. Sometimes pinning the joint itself so that it doesn't move.
>So the answer to this dilemma was to create a device that allows motion
>and at the same time immobilizes the fracture. It also has to be small
>enough not to hamper motion of the other fingers.
>I have access to a number of orthopaedic hand surgeons in the country
>who would like to try my device out. I worked at the Mass. General
>Hospital in Boston for a number of years and had a nice working
>relationship with the residents, fellows and chiefs in the hospital. A
>number of these people have left to become department chairmen for other
>orthopaedic university hospitals. It is sort of a rite of passage after
>attending Harvard.
>I have a rough prototype that was made in a garage. Unfortunately the
>model I have is too crude to be of any functional use. Nevertheless I
>decided to patent the device.
>To my dismay the orthopedic manufacturers weren't interested with my
>device because they have this we can do it better mentality.
>I already have people who want to try it and a partner who wants me to
>pursue it even more.
>I hope you can help me with this.
>Kind regards,