Re: transplant progress...

Doug Jones (
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 17:10:35 -0800

Spike Jones wrote:

> we may need to work out a way of methodically discarding information
> from our brains:
> Randomly eliminating memories?
> Systematically erasing the oldest memories?
> How about eliminating those memories of ourselves doing something
> stupid or embarrassing? That should free up a lotta space in my case.
> {8^D spike

Going for total amnesia, Spike? "IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!"

(Actually, Emlyn's *plonk* reaction to that seems best to me. Cute quote lines are like Mannie's advice to Mike about humor- it's a funny-once. Tell it once, you're a wit- tell it twice, you're a half wit, geometric progression...)

If I could just move all the dumb jokes I know into offline storage, that alone would be a vast improvement.

Doug Jones
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