Re: transplant progress...

Spike Jones (
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 16:11:57 -0800

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

> we are now going to look at a couple of hours of Flip Wilson reruns
> followed by some really tasty episodes of SNL interspersed with RnM-LI.

OK Robert, Im remember who Flip Wilson was: black comedian who did Geraldine and such on, what was that show? Rowan and Martins Laugh It Up? Or something like that. And, I was PRESENT! at the very first SNL show, loved it. But what is RnM-LI?

> And then just for fun, we are going to play 24 hours of continuous
> Tom Jones out-takes.

I vaguely recall him too. Lounge lizard from the early 70s?

> Overlord to Spike-', Overlord to Spike-' do you hear me?
> Why aren't you responding,

Because Ive been on a business trip since Monday, just got back. {8-]

> Damn, Damn, Damn..., I don't
> understand, it always works when the do it on ER.

Yes, it does, which perhaps some medic on the list can tell me: Do cardiac arrest patients *really* respond ~80% of the time to those shock paddle thingies? Hope so.

> One man's biological detritus is another man's Soylent Gold.

I even remember soylent green! Dark but thought provoking film from about... 74?

> Be careful of your disposal of your cast-asides, some of us
> find this material quite useful.

As do I. {8-] I think I posted to another list the notion that if we manage to work out some means of greatly extending life, we may need to work out a way of methodically discarding information from our brains:

Randomly eliminating memories?
Systematically erasing the oldest memories? How about eliminating those memories of ourselves doing something stupid or embarrassing? That should free up a lotta space in my case. {8^D spike