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> I agree Renee, and thanks for mentioning Camile Pagila in a previous post.
I relished reading her Playboy interview a few years ago, and I was astounded by her point of view, which was about as far from the typical "men are pigs" rhetoric as one can get.

I wrote a review of one of Paglia's essay collections a few years ago. It's now at:

I don't buy her stuff -- she's always ranting and hardly ever backs up any of her claims -- but she is often interesting to read. Her style intrigues me.

> My last girlfriend was a driven, career-oriented woman, but she had little
use for the present state of the feminist movement. She appreciated the work that had been done that allowed her to enter the work-place, but she felt that the next step was up to her in actually living her life, not complaining for the sake of complaining.

I'm happy to hear that. We need doers not complainers. Whining doesn't do much mostly -- except spread negativity.


Daniel Ust