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*In the October 18, 99 Chemical and Engineering News There is an article
entitiled "Writing on the Nanoscale" (Tiny pen plotter makes big mark at nanoscale) Excerpt from Feynman speech clearly legible when magnified. There is a picture of Feynmans talk, I saw a slide of this presented by Mirkin at the Foresight Conference.

(A related article, same topic)
*In the 15 October 99 Vol. 286 No. 5439 issue of Science two
articles -"Words Write-Very-Small by Nanopen" (in news of the week) and second -"Multiple Ink Nanolithography: Toward a Multiple-Pen Nano Plotter" Article header: The formation of intricate nanostructures will require the ability to maintain surface registry during several patterning steps. A scanning probe method, dip pen nanolithography (DPN), can be used to pattern monolayers of different organic molecules down to a 5-nanometer seperation. An "overwriting" capability of DPN allows one nanostructure to be filled in with a second type of "ink."

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