Re: Women, Feminism

Renee Chantrill-Paul (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 13:07:18 PDT

Renee Chantrill-Paul wrote:
> The male sex drive indirectly does alot of good for> women (besides the
> obvious direct part). If we diminished it we would> loose the female power
> bend men to the will of women.

Rob Harris wrote:
Wow! I am absolutely astounded that a feminist realises this! So what's all this "men rule the world and oppress women, eventoday" crap we so often hear?

Okay we have to make a distinction. There are the true feminists, which I consider myself one, who desire the freedom to choose their own life mates, to NOT be required to go to her nuptial bed a virgin, to be formally educated, to have a career---to have the freedoms of men. But to realize that with freedom comes RESPONSIBILITY.

Ex. I have the right to go out on a date with a man at night with out a chaperone or without my parents approval. That is a freedom I may not have had a century ago. I enjoy this. However, if I decide to drink too much at dinner and go to HIS house where I might end up in the morning feeling that I did something I wasn't ready for...then I have no one to blame but my bad judgement. I put myself in a compromising position, I was being IRRESPONSIBLE.

Then there is the other group who are not really feminists they are perpetual "victims" they are what I deem feminazis. they in that same example would say that the man, even though the woman is making every gesture possible to show her interest in spending the night with him, should gallantly take her home.

The problem with this victim philosophy is that you will never feel incontrol because the very nature of being a victim puts the blame consistently on another party--in the case, men are doomed to the dog house.

I say, well if women want equality why are they holding men to a higher standard than themselves? This is not right and I am ashamed of women that carry this opinion.

Rob Harris wrote:
Yeah, men have always done the work in the ruling/administration department, but the women have -quiteliterally- always had 'em by the nuts.

The problem with equality between the sexes or equality in society for that matter is that it must be recognized as an ideal, a utopia. Equality can only exist in a forced-state. Our very nature is competitive. Who has the upper hand depends upon the beholder. Men complain that there wives control their lives and vice-versa. It's the "grass is greener" syndrome that we all possess to varying degrees.

IMO, men and women are not equal but complimentary to one another and should focus on what "compliments" they have being the sex they were born with and cultivating them to achieve their goals.

Let me stress one more time that I am glad to be living in an era that allows me the advantages I possess. However, like alot of men (and women that haven't been too addicted to their grievance consolers in University), I feel this male bashing thing is a waste of time and it merely reinforces prejudgices that women are too emotional, sensitive in the workplace etc......

I say to these victim feminists, "Be productive in your lives stop whining and start working. After all isn't that what you wanted?"



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