Re: SETSIs (fwd)

John Clark (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 03:49:23 -0400

> > And the Arecibo antenna could detect transmissions from another Arecibo size
> > antenna anywhere in the galaxy if it were aimed at the Earth yet we find no
> > such message.

Robert J. Bradbury <> On July 28, 1999 Wrote:

>Do you have a source for this? [I'm not doubting this, I just want the hard data.]

Sorry for the long delay, you message got lost on my hard drive and I just read it today. Next I'll probably find a message from my third grade teacher asking about my homework. Anyway, I got that information from a book called "Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence" edited by Carl Sagan and published in 1977 ISBN 0-262-69037-3, it's on page 232. The particular article had 9 authors, the most famous was Charles Townes the inventor of the LASER. By the way, Arecibo is far more sensitive now than it was in 1977.

John K Clark