Re: Reincarnation, Was Tao of Physics - fun claptrap (wasreligionbashing)

Technotranscendence (
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 21:42:33 -0700

On Sunday, October 24, 1999 8:52 AM wrote:
> Well first of all-reincarnation is not my orientation, so its not my
> to defend. As far as the Moon being made of green cheese, my point
> is; not what actually physical laws are, but what happend to them in the
> of activated intelligence? To this I utilize author, Ray Kurzweil, who
> states:
> "Ultimately, intelligence will be a force to reckon with, even for the Big
> Celestial forces. The laws of physics are not repealed by intelligence,
> they effectively evaporate in its presence."

Yeah, in a way that means like the building I live in is defying gravity. It's not. It's just built for a certain purpose and stands upright. In the same way, physical law will not change when computation becomes ubiquitous. It's just that old notions of limits will no longer apply.

For example, the laws do not dictate that artificial satellites can't be made, but in Newton's time such things were [nearly?] impossible. Thus, your changing the moon into cheese -- ah, behold the power of cheese!:) -- is not a violation of physical law. Nanotech or whatever will have to do certain specific things to bring about such a change, if it is to occur. (Where to get the wine and crackers from!?!:)


Daniel Ust