Re: Reincarnation, Was Tao of Physics - fun claptrap (was
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 11:52:08 EDT

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> Just because we can fantasize about reincarnation does not make it
> We can say "someday we may find out the moon is made of cheese", but it
> t
> make the moon any more cheesy than it really is.
> I see absolutely no reason to believe in an afterlife. None. Zero. Worse,
> it was true, it is of no use if we can't remember it, so what's the point
> this fantasy anyway?
> Tao de Ching never says anythign about that, someone just interjected it
> randomly I believe.
Well first of all-reincarnation is not my orientation, so its not my burden to defend. As far as the Moon being made of green cheese, my point primarilly is; not what actually physical laws are, but what happend to them in the face of activated intelligence? To this I utilize author, Ray Kurzweil, who states:

"Ultimately, intelligence will be a force to reckon with, even for the Big Celestial forces. The laws of physics are not repealed by intelligence, but they effectively evaporate in its presence."

So if one postulates the need for the moon to be made of green cheese (as un-appealing and non-sensical as this may be) it may occur, if only in a virtual sense; in the coming millennia's, via advanced technical achievements.

The crux is whether you find value in intelligence. If not, then the physical forces that we are familiar with today have the ultimate say, and humankind is ephemeral and of no significance-even to itself. In which case, one then runs against extropian philosophy and embraces nihilism-a different kettle of fish indeed!