Re: religion bashing?
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 04:32:48 EDT

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> I exclude Taoism from my criticism as it is not a religion and has no
> dogma, it doesn't even insist that anything about it is true. One of the
> most brilliant books I ever read was "The Tao is Silent" by Raymond
> John K Clark
Excellent John. My concern here is that many atheists, without their awareness of other cultures/faiths, still carries the anger of Euro -culture (I like euro-culture too) from the previous centuries of racism/nationalism etc. Religion can be a stumbling block, (an axeman's block) or it can inspire, as Einstein indicated. Religion, as a psycho-social, crutch is ,indeed, as Marx said; "The Opiate of the People". Well, sometimes people need opiates as pain-killers. This is true especially when solutions to great dilemmas are centuries off technologically.

Spud, the Lotus Eater