Re: religion bashing?

John Clark (
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 01:11:04 -0400

<> Wrote:

>How many of you have steeped yourselves in Hindu or Buddhism,
> before your reject it? I don't mean, merely read books about it,
> but spoken with people who know their faith? How many know
>what the belief systems of one billion Muslims are, beyond
>media snippets?

I know something about those religions, I admit I have not made it my life's work as you suggest but then, one does not have to eat the entire egg to know that it is bad.

I exclude Taoism from my criticism as it is not a religion and has no dogma, it doesn't even insist that anything about it is true. One of the most brilliant books I ever read was "The Tao is Silent" by Raymond Smullyan.

John K Clark