Re: religion bashing?

Zeb Haradon (
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 22:29:33 -0700

>Lets look to Transhumanism 'faith' that the technology will come along and
>successfully preserve their personalities through
>technical augmentation and later 'mental uploading'. Really? What happens
>the breakthroughs come slower than expected, or that technological
>bottlenecks occur before one is preserved under-glass? Do the folks at
>really have the answers to such eventualities? Maybe..maybe not. And if
>then what?

I can't speak for the Transhumanist movement. For myself, I absolutely do not have faith that these things will happen. I hope that they will happen, I will do what I can to contribute to their happening. I think it's fairly likely to happen at *some point*, though I am not confident enough to give any estimation of when. It depends on a mature nanotech, and on there even being a mapping from frozen brain to active brain (to take cryonics as one example).
If I had "faith" that cryonics would work, I would have responded thus: "Maybe there is no evidence that it will work, but I feel in my heart that it will. If you would simply accept it without trying to explain it scientifically, you would feel it too, and you would understand why I believe this"

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