Re: religion bashing?
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 23:09:01 EDT

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> Of Mormons, there seems to be

> two types: those who have left the church and are broken by guilt for
> wanting to enjoy life, and those broken by the church who no longer want to
> enjoy life. Wiccans are generally just flaky.

Zeb, flaky is as flaky does. It is not limited to religions. The Soviet and Maoist Communist movement killed millions this century. The religious, had perhaps 100,000 years head start on them. The notion that the commies were somehow believers in a "faith movement" of marxism -leninism, does not dispell the fact that they were hostile to religions of al flavors.

Lets look to Transhumanism 'faith' that the technology will come along and successfully preserve their personalities through technical augmentation and later 'mental uploading'. Really? What happens if the breakthroughs come slower than expected, or that technological bottlenecks occur before one is preserved under-glass? Do the folks at Alcor really have the answers to such eventualities? Maybe..maybe not. And if not, then what?