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> > What is Tegmark's solution to extinction? I thought he was more
> > involved in the "everything" theory, which of course implies that in
> > *some* universes, if it is possible at all, intelligent life will
> > never be extinct.
> Congradulations. Yes and in some Universes we never go extinct, we being
> intelligent life, we being Anders Sandberg. Anders Sandberg in Universe #
> 770,985, 123,035 has ascended to be Anders the Magnificent, intersteller
> explorer, and free-lance,gynecologist. He among all the others, will
> increase the information load both inside and outside the universes. Why
> can't all the other Anders be like that one? Those slackers!

Exactly. Of course, all of us other Anders think that #770,985,123,035 is awfully smug.

The problem with the "everything" model (which Moravec also seems to be subscribing to, and Egan plays with in _Permutation City_) is that it doesn't really help us *here* and *now*. Is there any point in going on with my life if 770,985,123,035 does it so much better? In the end there is only one universe we experience at a time (unless we can transform ourselves into cross-timeline and cross-reality entities).

> Have we even talked
> about trans-luminal travel or hypertime dimensions? That would be undermining
> the premises of currently responsible astrophysicists pardigm's ; or c.r.a.p.
> for short.

FTL travel has been discussed here a few times; most schemes have serious problems with causality or quantum mechanics. If it is possible, we live in a weird universe. Hypertime dimensions, are they really so far out? Hawking is apparently working on them.

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