Re: SciAm article "Fate of Life in the Universe"
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 08:15:37 EDT

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> What is Tegmark's solution to extinction? I thought he was more
> involved in the "everything" theory, which of course implies that in
> *some* universes, if it is possible at all, intelligent life will
> never be extinct.

Congradulations. Yes and in some Universes we never go extinct, we being intelligent life, we being Anders Sandberg. Anders Sandberg in Universe # 770,985, 123,035 has ascended to be Anders the Magnificent, intersteller explorer, and free-lance,gynecologist. He among all the others, will increase the information load both inside and outside the universes. Why can't all the other Anders be like that one? Those slackers!

As far as Tipler goes (is he doing anything, lately?) strongly stated that it will be organized intelligent life that closes the dimensions of the cosmos in 2 directions; not a purely "cosmological" occurence at all. So basically fast starships, even for tiny bits of super-intelligent dust (Hi Great grandchildren!) will be necessary to accomplish this. Have we even talked about trans-luminal travel or hypertime dimensions? That would be undermining the premises of currently responsible astrophysicists pardigm's ; or c.r.a.p. for short.

Just be happy that the brilliance of those 19th century minds who said with such clarity that the Cosmos is in complete steady-state, and that capitalism would never adjust to evolving situations. Let us drink to an eternal unchanging universe, fellow comrade-worker.