Re: Sociopaths (was Re: Reforming Education)

Clint O'Dell (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 13:06:03 MDT

>isnt this what we do any time we sit back, smile, and nod? "normal"
>people regularly put on layers and layers of emotional facades... this is,
>in case you werent aware, glorified on public tv every night. do you not
>see the millions of painted faces? since when is emotional honesty popular?
>alright, im really going to bed now...

On a daily bases. I change like a cameleon from crowd to crowd. That doesn't make me autistic or a sociopath. I've adapted to survive several invornments. I can be a ravishing born again christian out to convert the world when needed (and the need has arrisen several times) and the next minute my true self, hard core closed minded atheist.

You know you're good when you actualy believe what you say for the moment.

And no, I don't have multiple personalities either. I've mastered myself.

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