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> I would want to know the motivation of this "respect for the rights of
> others" in order to predict the individual's behavior in a "two men in
> a boat with one coconut" situation. How likely is it that he would not
> optimize his survival chances by rejecting sharing. Remember, that
> in a "state of nature", i.e. where neither Government nor Law nor
> institutionalized enforcement of Law exists "Might makes Right" is
> the prevalent ethic. In terms of the case you describe, I predict
> he would seize the coconut and throw the other man overboard if
> superior in physical strength.

what? and waste all that valuable protien? ;)

> Now there is something called a "hedonistic calculus" to describe the
> cunning displayed by an asocial individual (just as some autistic adults
> have learned to impersonate emotional states and pretend to feel
> the feelings of others) who is shrewd enough to realize that it is
> in his best interests to avoid the APPEARANCE of selfishness and that
> displaying the respect you describe is the easiest way to induce the
> cooperation of others. The is NOT a morally-significant "respect" --
> it is simply a case of an unstable symbiosis which in an emergency
> can deteriorate to parasitism and finally cannibalism.

isnt this what we do any time we sit back, smile, and nod? "normal" people regularly put on layers and layers of emotional facades... this is, in case you werent aware, glorified on public tv every night. do you not see the millions of painted faces? since when is emotional honesty popular? alright, im really going to bed now...

"hi / im not in love / but / ill shrug and fuck you / till / somebody better / comes along" -- you get 3 points if you know who wrote that ;)

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