Re: nukes in texas

Spike Jones (
Thu, 24 Dec 1998 11:32:19 -0800

> Spike Jones <> writes:
> > reason i mentioned it: one security device had me place my hand upon
> > a grid. it somehow measured the resistance between digits...
> Anders wrote: I'm not entirely sure I believe that explanation. It could
> be an
> impendance measurement, they can determine a lot of weird tissue
> properties that might be individual

anders, i should have written impedance. i think it went thru a range of frequencies and measured em impedance, not resistance.

> . My guess is that it is a hand/fingerprint scanner of some kind.

could be. now that i think about it tho, this came up on this list months ago. lotta folks dont want perfect identification connected with their every credit purchase. a good friend and extropian (from before we even knew what we were called) has taken to using cash for everything, using the cash machine instead of a credit card. carries several hundred bucks cash on him all the time and would sooner eat dirt than allow a cookie to be set on his computer. {8^D the catch is, he wasnt always that way. this attitude developed in the past couple years. (?)

> Merry Newtonmass!

to you too anders! {8^D spike